Did you know that pulmonary and lung conditions affect women differently than men? Pregnancy, menopause, hormone therapy, age, and more can affect the pulmonary health of women. In fact, women have higher rates of asthma, outnumber men in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in all but the oldest age categories, and die due to COPD at higher rates than men do. They’re also less likely to receive the right tests, more likely to be misdiagnosed, and less likely to receive subspecialty referrals.
That’s why we created the Women’s Center for Pulmonary Health. With female-driven care delivered by female medical experts—with access to the most advanced lung care and services—we’re equipped to fully care for our female patients while looking at their entire picture of health. We understand the unique issues facing women with respiratory issues—the unique biology that must be considered in prescribing medications, the safety profiles of medications that can be used in pregnancy, the life changes and conditions that increase risk of pulmonary issues, and more. With a team of in-house experts and deep integration with Texas IPS, Women’s Center for Pulmonary Health has the team, resources, and compassion to provide the highest quality, specialized pulmonary care for every patient.